Telomere Shortening in Cancer and Aging

Miguel GODINHO FERREIRA, Research Director, DR2 CNRS
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  • Telomere shortening produces an inflammatory environment that increases tumor incidence in zebrafish

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  • Opposing p53 and mToR/AKT promote an in vivo switch from apotosis to senescence upon telomere shortening in zebrafish

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  • The Zebrafish as an Emerging Model to Study DNA Damage in Aging, Cancer and Other Diseases.

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  • Ssu72 phosphatase is a conserved telomere replication terminator

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  • Using zebrafish PDX to screen drug sensitivity of endocrine-dependent cancers.

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  • FoxM1 repression during human aging leads to mitotic decline and aneuploidy-driven full senescence.

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  • Single-cell functional and chemosensitive profiling of combinatorial colorectal therapy in zebrafish xenografts.

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  • TERT promoter mutations in pancreatic endocrine tumours are rare and mainly found in tumours from patients with hereditary syndromes.

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