Funding & Awards

Telomerase and adult stem cell homeostasis

Marina SHKRELI, Researcher, CRCN Inserm

Core funding for the IRCAN is provided by the University Côte d'Azur, the CNRS and the INSERM

Research projects from the MS team are supported by:

-La Région Sud

-The French Government (National Research Agency, ANR) through the “Investments for the Future” programs LABEX SIGNALIFE ANR-11-LABX-0028-01 and IDEX UCAJedi ANR-15-IDEX-01

-La Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer

-La Fondation ARC

-An ATIP-Avenir grant from the Inserm/CNRS

-A grant AMGEN from “La Société Francophone de Néphrologie, Dialyse et Transplantation (SFNDT)”

-A grant Emergence from the “Cancéropôle PACA”

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