Funding & Awards

Tumor-Stroma Crosstalk in Invasive Cancer

Cedric GAGGIOLI, Research Director, DR2 Inserm

Core funding for the IRCAN is provided by the University Côte d'Azur, the CNRS and the INSERM

Research projects from the CG team are supported by:


FRM “labellisation” team

"Molecular and cellular mechanisms of head and neck neoplastic expansion governed by the extracellular matrix"

Link to funding agency (2018-2021)



"Tumor-extracellular matrix interactions within the metastatic lymphatic niche."

Link to funding agency (2018-2021)


Debra grant

"EBD skin cancer. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of skin cancer expansion"

Link to funding agency (2018-2019)


Selected past funding

SiLab foundation “Influence des propriétés mécaniques de la niche tumorale sur le métabolisme des carcinomes épidermoïdes. »

Emergence Canceropôle PACA. “Niche tumorale ; Identification des molécules responsables de la formation d’une niche pro-tumorale par les fibroblastes stromaux.”

ARC grant fixe “Molecular and cellular mechanisms of constitutive pro-invasive fibroblasts activation in cancer”


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