Funding & Awards

Epithelial homeostasis and tumorigenesis

Chloé FÉRAL, Research Director, DR2 Inserm

IRCAN core funding is provided by University Côte d'AzurCNRS and INSERM.

Our team was awarded major grants: an excellency junior program "INSERM Avenir" Grant (2009-2013, 5 years), followed by a "Team label" from the French League Against Cancer (LNCC) (2014-2018, 5 years) and PL-Bio from INCa (on-going).

Current research projects are supported by the INCa (French National Cancer Institute) via a PL-Bio Grant (2019-2023) and by Sanofi iAward Europe (2021).

Past research projects were supported by Canceropole PACA, the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research, the National Cancer Institute (INCa), the ITMO Cancer, the INSERM Avenir program, the French Dermatology Society and Cote d'Azur University (UCA, Prematuration).

Postdocs and PhD students from the lab have obtained fellowships from local, national and international organizations, such as: INSERM, Cote d'Azur University, the City of Nice,  by Canceropole PACA, the French Ministry for Research and Higher Education, and the French League Against Cancer (LNCC).

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