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Washing and Sterilization Service

Delphine BENARROCH, Researcher, CRCN Inserm

The IRCAN washing facility employs 4 people: Naima Garroujou (INSERM technician, full time), Patricia Thurard (A.T INSERM, full time), Nadia Elyazzaoui (A.T  UNS, part time) and Marcel Pascual (A.T CDD UNS, part time). The responsible persons of the facility are Roser Buscà (CR CNRS) and Delphine Benarroch-Popivker (CR INSERM).

This facility has 4 autoclaves, 5 dishwashers, 3 drying cabinets, 1 pH-meter, 1 weight scale, as well as laboratory space for the preparation of solutions. This central service handles different missions such as the collect of the used glassware and empty tip boxes from each IRCAN team, the wash of the dishes necessary for experiments, the preparation of different solutions and tip boxes, the sterilization of the material and finally the distribution and organization of the clean and sterilized material among the 14 IRCAN teams localized in two different sites.  Indeed, the IRCAN washing facility is localized at the 7th floor of the Pasteur tower (where 11 IRCAN teams are working) and at the 1st floor of B building of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne (where 3 IRCAN teams are working).

The IRCAN washing facility is an open service willing to listen to the needs of the IRCAN researchers and technicians to ensure the best performance of the facility.

For more information or any specific requests please contact Roser Buscà (roser.busca@unice.fr) and/or Delphine Benarroch-Popivker (dbenarroch@unice.fr).

Facilities & Services