Funding & Awards

Carcinogenesis-related chronic active inflammation

Paul HOFMAN, Professor-Clinician, PU-PHCE

Core funding for the IRCAN is provided by the University Côte d'Azur, the CNRS and the INSERM

Research projects from the team are supported by:

 Agence Nationale de Recherche, ANR: LABEX SIGNALIFE [ANR-11-LABX-0028-01] et  [AD-ME project R19162DD]

ARC: CANC’AIR Genexposomic,

Canceropole PACA: "Projet émergence", "Projet pré-maturation", "Single-cell Starting package"

 INCA/ ITMO/Plan Cancer: AAP "ARN non codant en Cancerologie", INCA3R, "Biologie des Systèmes"

Children Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI, Vaccinophagy project R17033DJA)

Fondation BMS pour la Recherche en Immuno-Oncologie

EU Funding: "Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship: FP7- PEOPLE-2013-IIF"

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