Telomere, senescence and cancer

Eric GILSON, Director, Professor-Clinician, PU-PHCE
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  •   Telomeres as a sentinel of population decline in the context of global warming.


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  • Test anxiety and telomere length: Academic stress in adolescents may not cause rapid telomere erosion

    Test anxiety and telomere length: Academic stress in adolescents may not cause rapid telomere erosion.

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  • High expression of TRF2, SOX10, and CD10 in circulating tumor microemboli detected in metastatic melanoma patients. A potential impact for the assessment of disease aggressiveness

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  • Understanding why we age and how: Evolutionary biology meets different model organisms and multi-level omics: Meeting report on "Comparative Biology of Aging," Roscoff, October 12-16, 2015

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  • Telomere length is a prognostic biomarker in elderly advanced ovarian cancer patients: a multicenter GINECO study

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