Projet de recherche

Epithelial homeostasis and tumorigenesis

Chloé FÉRAL, Research Director, DR2 Inserm

Our work focuses on epithelial homeostasis and tumorigenesis through aging using integrated approach from murine models to cellular and molecular systems.

Intestine, skin, and lung are dissimilar epithelia in that intestine and skin are extremely renewable (every week and 3 weeks, respectively) while lung is highly quiescent (over 7 years) in humans. These tissues represent large surface for interaction with the outside world. Hence, they are subject to major mechanical forces, which they sense and respond to at the organ, tissue, cell, and molecular level. In my lab, we aim at deciphering how tissues regenerate and how aging impact this regeneration. A specific focus is the role of the singular cellular process of mechanotransduction on tissue regeneration. Our work revolves around adult stem cell physiology and fate leading to renewal and/or cancer.

Dissecting how epithelial tissue regeneration is influenced by aging (microenvironment, niche, mechanical force sensors, cell metabolism…) will improve our understanding of associated pathological processes such as cancer initiation and progression. We are convinced that this work could propel discoveries towards healthier aging and improved design of anti-cancer therapy in the context of personalized medicine.



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