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Pr Emmanuel VAN OBBERGHEN, PU-PH Emeritus, Team Leader

Research Project

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases afflict an increasing percentage of the ageing population. A tight link exists between these pathologies as diabetes predisposes to cardiac failure and conversely cardiovascular complications are the chief cause of increased mortality in diabetes. Both environmental/lifestyle factors and genetic factors participate in the defects of type 2 diabetes (T2D), which are insufficient insulin secretion and insulin resistance. An emerging paradigm is that the risk of chronic diseases in adult life is accounted for, at least in part, environmental influences, particularly those occurring in utero. Supporting this is the increased T2D risk in offspring of overfed mothers or exposed to deleterious uterine conditions. Our hypothesis is that under deleterious in utero conditions, the altered control exerted by miRNAs on gene regulation increases the risk of insulin resistance and T2D in adult life. We study offsprings of rat dams exposed during pregnancy to an inappropriate diet or to a deficient uterine environment, leading to increased insulin resistance and T2D risk, and identify miRNAs with modified expression in the liver and pancreas of the offspring. We also study the impact of the deleterious maternal environment on cardiac development.

The age-related increase in T2D involves beta cell failure due to insulin resistance. Therefore, we investigate whether age-related alterations in the dialogue between beta cells and endothelial cells participate in pancreatic insufficiency. Finally, as both ageing and diabetes have deleterious effects on kidney function we investigate the potential role of insulin resistance related factors on the kidney.

We believe that our multipronged approach using powerful cutting edge technologies will allow us to develop our proposal successfully, and significantly advance the understanding of the mechanisms leading to increased diabetes incidence during ageing. Our project will have important medical implications by fostering the development of prevention strategies for T2D and its cardiovascular complications, and may in the future harness the epidemic growth of the diseases. Hence the impact of our endeavour is likely to lead to health promotion.

Research Team

Research Team

VAN OBBERGHEN Emmanuel, PU-PH CE Emeritus, Team Leader
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CANIVET Bertrand, PU-PH1
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DUMORTIER Olivier, Post-doc
Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : olivier.dumortier@unice.fr

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : esnault.v@chu-nice.fr

FABRIS Gaia, PhD Student

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FAVRE Guillaume, PH (Contrat interface INSERM)
Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : favre.g@chu-nice.fr

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : nadine.gautier@unice.fr

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : hinault.c@chu-nice.fr

ICHAI Carole, PU-PH1
Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : ichai.c@chu-nice.fr

LAREYRE Fabien, PhD Student

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : patricia.lebrun@unice.fr

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : georges.manfroni@unice.fr

Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : mourad.naimi@unice.fr

ORBAN Jean-Christophe, PH
Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : orban.j-c@chu-nice.fr


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RAFFORT Juliette, PhD Student

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ROGER Estelle, PhD Student

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Tel : +33 (04) 93 37 xx xx, Mail : senlis.j-e@chu-nice.fr


May 2016 :

Pr Emmanuel Van Obberghen received the Paul Langerhans award.

This is the most important award granted by the German Diabetes Society. 





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    (Feb 2016)

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