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Bio-Banque du Centre Hospitalier de Nice

Ø      The biobanque of the University of Nice Sophia was inaugurated in September 2004. As soon as it was set up it benefited from funding from the « Direction Générale de l’Organisation des Soins » (DGOS; ex DHOS), the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (a high level research budget of the Scientific council) and from regional authorities (« Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes and Conseil Régional Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur »). The Faculty of Medicine (CHU) of Nice and the CLCC Centre Antoine Lacassagne (CAL) pooled their funding under an officially endorsed agreement.

Ø      The biobank started out as a tumour bank, which collected and maintained tumour tissues. Subsequently it received funding from INCa in 2005 to set up a regional tumour bank within a network that today includes 14 health institutions of the Eastern PACA (“Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur”) region. It has opened up to the collection of biological fluids (plasma and serum) and nucleic acids, and in 2007 was recognized by Inserm as a Center for biological specimens.

Ø      In addition to the tumour collection non tumour specimes of pathologies of interest (digestive and infective diseases), which take into consideration the projects performed within the framwork of the « Infectiopôle Sud » were collected.

Ø      The Strategy of the biobank was, from the very first, to collect specific targets concerning a few organ-related themes (chest, ear-nose-throat, thyroid and inflammatory digestive and infectious pathologies) for the School of Medicine unit; and mammary, ear-nose-throat and thyroid pathologies for the CLCC unit). For each patient file included in the biobank, it became essential to collect in parallel tissue samples and biologica fluids (plasma and sérum), in addition to collect nucleic acids (RNA, somatic and constitutional DNA) and primary cell cultures.

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